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Tori Helene releases "Moonchild."

Cincinnati, Ohio native Tori Helene has released her new project, "MoonChild." The EP is now available on all streaming platforms. Release date: October 22, 2021

The title "Moonchild" is a nickname for the Cancer zodiac sign. In the following quote, Tori explains;

"Cancers are known to be sensitive and emotional people. I take my listeners through a journey of the character of my zodiac sign from the first song, "Figure It Out," to where I talk about a man and the layers of my experiences to the last song, "Imagination," where I talk about envisioning a life with the man I love." ~Tori Helene.

The lead single, "Little Black Dress," [featuring Oski Isaiah], is fun and flirtatious. The song's narrative describes a man eyeing Tori. She can tell he wants to take it further. This song is relatable to women who revel in the chase from a man of interest—sending him Subliminals to reveal that she can't wait for things to elevate—making things hot, heavy, and a bit sexier.

Tori Helene began singing from the age of five years old and started writing originals by age ten. Also took part in local talent shows around the greater Cincinnati area and participated in choirs while attending school for the Creative and Performing Arts. Her influences range from Stevie Wonder, Christina Aguilera, and Beyonce, to mention a few.

For more information follow Tori Helene on her Social Media channels:

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