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Recording Artist, Quincy Valentine talks about his new release, "DayDreams." [Interview]

Quincy Valentine is Back again with his new single, "DayDreams" featuring Shamyra. The first time we featured Mr. Quincy Valentine here at MUZILOG, Quincy was releasing his previous single, "Like You Do."

We had a moment to chat with Quincy about his new single, DayDreams. Check out the interview below.

Sam: So, how are you doing?

Q.V.: I'm doing really well. Despite everything going on, 2020 has actually turned out to be one of the best years of my life.

Sam: So what have you been up to of late in terms of producing?

Q.V.: Quite a lot. This year alone, over 30 songs I've contributed production to aside from my own songs—most of which with my partner Winston Ward. One of the exciting things this year is where I sort of became the R&B guy. I got to produce quite a bit of Hip Hop as well this year. The rapper in me is pleased, haha. There are still songs dropping this year and working on a few projects for next year.

Sam: Let's talk about the new single you're dropping this month, and

what was behind the collaboration? What inspired the song? You did all the instruments, or did you collaborate with anyone else?

Q.V.: Daydreams. Not sure if it's because of all the R&B I worked on, but a lot of my writing naturally falls around love and relationship topics. It fits well with my name, though, so I own it. While N.Y.C. was still mostly shut down over the summer, I had nothing but time for myself. Also currently testing out an upcoming service, so I had some new sounds to play with. What usually happens for me in my creative process is creating a track or at least the basic idea of one, and sometimes a melody or lyrical idea will hit me. That's what happened with Daydreams. I created the tracks and wrote the majority of the song within about 2-3 days. In production, to a degree, I've mastered getting a track to have a live band vibe without using a band, so the music is all me playing everything on keys.

I met Shamyra through my label, Xplore Music Group. Initially, we were getting ready to release a different song, and then I sent Daydreams as a potential follow up single, and well, "Daydreams" ended up being the single. The vibe was just undeniable. I had sat in one of Shamyra's sessions once, and she's incredible at what she does. So when they[The Label] suggested she replace my scratch singing parts on the chorus, I had no complaints. I originally had a third verse, but I scrapped it so she could have room to do her thing on the bridge.

Sam: Any ideas you can share for the video as yet?

Q.V.: We shot the first one in the middle of quarantine, so we were a bit limited in what we could do. What I can say is we have a little more flexibility as far as a location now. We're still working out the details, but this video's vibe will be a bit more down to earth. I think 'Like You Do' provided enough shock value to those who know me personally for the year, haha.

Sam: Who's directing the video this time around?

Q.V.: Working with the same team again. Winston and Don, of D.O.N.D. Photos

Sam: What do you want music lovers to get from this new release?

Q.V.: There aren't enough relationship/love song in HipHop nowadays. Granted, they were never the main thing, but I want to bring that vibe. Seeing as I get compared to him, I'm happy to be the "next-gen L.L.," as someone recently called me. It's a smooth vibe perfect for "cuffing season," as they call it.

Sam: Anything else you'd like to share on future releases? Is there a full album or E.P. in the works?

Q.V.: Don't want to say too much too soon. But I have something special in the works for a particular time of year. There's more to come, and there won't be too long of a wait for it.

Sam: Where can folks follow you?

Q.V.: I'm on Instagram and Facebook @mr.qvalentine, Twitter @mrqvalentine, as well as YouTube, as my name Quincy Valentine. You can also keep up with me via my website or my label's website Xploremusic

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