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Race To Neptune Releases New Music

Race to Neptune is an eclectic alternative/indie rock band based in Fort Collins, CO. Incorporating elements ranging from psychedelic, new wave/post-punk, and alt/grunge; (RTN) artfully creates timeless music, and their explosive energy makes for a captivating live experience. The band has released two EPs to date, Abandon Fashion and Share My Frequency, both of which garnered fantastic reviews locally and internationally, including praise from The Indie Source, Vents Magazine, BolderBeat, Breathing the Core, and many more. Now, the group is itching to release brand new music, including the album The Dead Sea Sounds, due June 30, 2023.

The band explains that the new title, "The Dead Sea Sounds came to life a few years ago after we recorded our last EP in 2019. Overall, this album touches consistently on the themes of isolation, fear, the unknown, hope, death, and rebirth. It's also a play on the words "The Dead See Sounds," alluding to different planes, beings, and realms of existence that surround us. The water/ocean backdrop is also a reoccurring setting in the songs to not only give the listener a mental image of the lyrics but also musically set a tone and vibe. During COVID, when we were isolated, most songs started to take shape. This allowed us to work on each song's dynamic and little detail. Musically, The Dead Sea Sounds is diverse and uniquely showcases many different styles of music that span and influence us across many eras and decades. The finished product is our most significant accomplishment to date, and we're very proud of what we have achieved together. It was recorded, mixed, and mastered intermittently from March-Dec 2022 at The Spot Studios in Evergreen, CO, by two talented people, Glenn Sawyer and Rich Veltrop.

Since their start in 2018, RTN has been active around the Fort Collins and Denver music scene, playing various venues and even opening for a few nationally touring acts along the way. Having been fortunate to remain busy these last two years, RTN has worked hard to write many exciting new songs. The band is ready to return to the studio and gearing up to create some of their heaviest and most ambitious writing yet. Longtime fans and new listeners alike can expect 2022 to be filled with a spread of Race to Neptune releases, including their first full-length album together.

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