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Quincy Valentine releases Forbidden Fruit

Quincy Valentine takes a moment to chat with Muzilog's Samuel Archer about his latest single, Forbidden Fruit, now available at all DSPs.

Ever desired someone considered off-limits? Coming off the warm and sensual vibe of his first EP, Valentine's Day, Quincy Valentine is back with another Valentine's Day release. This time with a darker spin. Forbidden Fruit uses the classic Adam and Eve story as a metaphor to describe mutual solid desire and attraction with someone in a relationship. Producing the song himself, Quincy continues with his jazzy/soulful production style layered with a rap delivery true to his Bronx, NY roots.

Forbidden Fruit is available now on all music streaming services.

Musician. Producer. Songwriter. Artist. Quincy Valentine has a vast range of talent and versatility. He discovered and pursued his passion for music at the very young age of 9 in the Bronx, New York. Quincy has worked with churches, local artists, and some more notables, such as Scarface, starting with talent shows and school performances. Quincy has also directed performances associated with Public Theater, Carnegie Hall Presents, Theater for the New City, and Oberia D. Dempsey Theater.

Quincy is also a music producer with credits on over 50 songs in Pop, R&B, Hip-hop, and Gospel genres. In 2020, Quincy began actively focusing on his artistry and released his first EP, "Valentine's Day." His music is reminiscent of traditional Hip-hop with a blend of R&B and includes a solid lyrical element while also incorporating musicianship, creating a uniquely his sound.

For more information or to arrange an interview, Contact Quincy at

Stream Forbidden Fruit:


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