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Netty Rose New Video Release...

Talent indeed runs deep in the indie alt/blues band Netty Rose. Comprised of twins, vocalist Annette (Netty) and bassist Rudy Coviello, Netty Rose is a  collective writing process between the pair.

The group is now welcoming their single/video "Come Back" on November 4, 2022, ahead of the upcoming EP Beautiful Things, due February 10, 2023. Once Netty and Rudy collaboratively brought their ideas to veteran, drummer, producer, and close personal friend Chris Badami, the magic began to unfold.

Badami boasts an impressive resume, having worked with many successful recording artists such as The Early November and The Starting Line, and is an incredibly skilled professional percussionist, the perfect complement to Coviello's style. Additionally, he is sponsored by Vater Percussion, and as a whole, we are endorsed by ELI, which is Empirical Lab that makes recording equipment.

Having cycled through a couple of lead guitarists, the band finally recruited Badami's longtime friend and guitarist, Jason DeGeorge, whose impressive portfolio includes playing alongside artists such as Hanson and Ben Harper. In 2014, Netty Rose released their debut EP, Fiend for the Obscene, highlighted by the lead single "The Beast."

Taking time to refine their hard rock sound and adjust their lineup, Netty Rose created Nola, the 2018 EP featuring the track "Walk," a relatable song about empathy and looking at the lives of others from different perspectives. After adding DeGeorge to the mix in 2020, the band is excited to release their third EP, Beautiful Things, featuring all new songs.

Netty Rose finds inspiration through personal and professional growth and will continue to make meaningful music that listeners continue to enjoy.


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