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MUZILOG & MUZILOG WOMAN's Interview with Debra Hare-Bey

Debra Hare-Bey is world-renowned in the world of HAIR. She founded OMhh Inc [Oh My Heavenly Hair] based in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, NY, and creator of International I Love Braids Day [Festival]. July 29th is officially International I Love Braids Day by Proclamation declared Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams. International I Love Braids Day is a joyous occasion to celebrate and honor the history and intricate design of braids as a cultural and artistic expression of beauty.”

As a Master Braider, Loctician, Licensed Cosmetologist, and Certified Health Coach, Debra has deep expertise reflected in her unique approach to hair care wellness. She employs extraordinary attention to detail in her braid, loc, and twist designs. Using multi-layered cuts, exotic yarn creations, mixed media, and beautiful color stories, Debra has developed a signature style that sets her apart.

Presently Debra is the Beauty Editor for World Bride Magazine and contributor to Braids & Beauty Magazine.

Learn about Debra’s new documentary, celebrating the 4th Annual International I Love Braids Day as she takes a moment to chat with Muzilog Woman’s Editor and recording artist, Nadira Norjahan.


OMhh Presents 4th Annual International I Love Braids Day, July 29- Virtual Edition 2020

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