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Miami via Santo Domingo’s ESPERICLES Releases New Track “Quiero Ser”

Fiercely gritty vocals and high-octane instrumental precision makes up the uniquely story-telling sound of Dominican alt-rock and punk legends ESPERICLES. Today, ESPERICLES releases the ferocious hardcore single, “Quiero Ser.” This is the first single off of the EP entitled Juego de Niños out this Fall. Singer/bassist Cristobal Marte says of the track: “When I wrote Quiero Ser, I wanted to challenge myself and try to mix four different genres of rock into one song. It starts off super fast with a hardcore verse mixing into a pop-punk bridge then ending with some ska / reggae and a Caribbean Latin solo to end the song. It was fun to figure out and I think it came out pretty neat!”

Formed in 2003 by Cristobal and Rony, their debut album ‘Fuck Your Etiquette’ hit the scene with unrivaled impact in 2005, seeing the band quickly embraced by the Dominican Underground.

In the years since ESPERICLES have contributed extensively to the Dominican rock scene at large, as well as gracing the stages with memorable live shows from Brazil to Panama, Colombia, Costa Rica and the US. Work ethic and an unwavering devotion to the process have allowed the band to consistently connect and raise the bar across the international circuit.

In 2007, ESPERICLES launched their second EP titled ‘La Edición Greña’, drawing vastly positive acclaim by local blogs and critics in Santo Domingo. The project’s unprecedented success led the band get signed to New Orleans indie label Community Records, and they subsequently set out on an historical two-year tour.

When the tour ended in 2009, the band’s second full-length album was recorded, at Mad Oak Studios in Boston. The 12-track project ‘Citizen World’ was created alongside award-winning engineer and producer Benny Grotto, and showcased a distinctly experienced sound. Superb riffs, hooks and compelling topical sentiments all united amidst that same unique songwriting and performative ferocity that fans had come to love about ESPERICLES.

Soaring instrumentals and faultless musicianship elevate paired vocals that inject dynamic and passion. The ESPERICLES sound is fearlessly honest, enigmatic, and forever creatively unpredictable. Their three albums to date have remained prominent figures of the indie punk and rock realms for the past two decades, a staple of the underground thanks to their explosive unity and juxtaposed creative delicacy intertwined throughout their repertoire.

Despite a brief hiatus due to the pandemic of 2020, ESPERICLES are back on top form, with plans to release a twenty-year anniversary re-issue of their first EP ‘Juego de Niños’ in the fall of 2024. They will also be heading back to Mad Oak studios to work with Benny Grotto on a new full length in June of 2024.

To coincide with the digital releases, the band are embarking on a significant leg of touring throughout the US and beyond!

EP Juego de Niños Out this Fall

Upcoming Tour (more dates coming soon):

4/20/2024 Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic @ Donde la Abuela Fest

5/11/2024 Miami, FL @ Punk Rock Flea Market at Skatebird

5/30/2024 St. Petersburg, FL @ The Nest

5/31/2024 Ocala, FL @ Mutiny

6/01/2024 Jacksonville, FL @ TBA

6/02/2024 Raleigh, NC @ Slim's

6/03/2024 Richmond, VA @ Another Round Bar

6/21/2024 Baltimore, MD @ The Castle

6/23/2024 Richmond, VA @ Cobra Cabana

6/25/2024 Virginia Beach, VA @ Seaside Raw Bar

6/26/2024 Charlotte, NC @ The Milestone

6/28/2024 St. Augustine, FL @ Sorbez

6/29/2024 Miami, Fl @ Bar Nancy

6/30/2024 Tampa, FL @ TBA

Connect with ESPERICLES:


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