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Interview with Ronnie Moss | Muzilog Magazine Podcast

Songs like "I'll Be Around," "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love," "Working My Way Back To You," and "Sadie" are some of the memorable songs from the group "The Spinners."

Ronnie Moss from The Spinners takes a moment to talk with Samuel Archer from Muzilog Magazine Podcast about the new album from The Spinners, 'Round the Block and Back Again,' and about his recent album, "Baby Lay Back."

Timeless in a way that few other acts today are, The Spinners are one of R&B's most iconic and enduring groups in R&B history. With a towering legacy spanning over six decades, The Spinners have never lost their universal appeal.

The band both created and came to define the singularly smooth sound of Philadelphia Soul, channeling the highs and lows of romance and heartbreak into a catalog of classic hits beloved across generations.

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