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Interview with Rachel McCullough of Black Cat Habitat.

Discover our captivating interview with Rachel McCullough, the lead vocalist of the sensational indie rock band Black Cat Habitat. Rachel delves into her musical journey, upcoming projects, and more in this exclusive conversation.

Black Cat Habitat is not just another band; it's a soulful embodiment of originality and melody, tinged with a nostalgic 90's vibe. Led by the talented singer-songwriter Rachel McCullough, guitarist Neal Blumberg, bassist Danny Walker, and drummer Jay B. Wade, their music resonates with themes of longing, triumph, and the quest for one's sanctuary.

From the first note, Black Cat Habitat ensnares audiences with Rachel's enchanting vocals, complemented by Neal's rich guitar melodies, Danny's driving bass lines, and Jay's impeccable drumming.

Their electrifying performances showcase tracks from their EPs "Jam the Signal" (2016) and "Ready to Bruise" (2011), offering listeners a multi-layered sonic experience influenced by the likes of U2, The Pretenders, Juliana Hatfield, and a myriad of other musical inspirations. Black Cat Habitat defies conventional categorization, yet its music makes perfect sense to those who revel in its eclectic brilliance.

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