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Immersive & Dynamic Sibling Act Muo Duo Release New EP Afterpop; with focus track "Bunny Song"

Undoubtedly, the music world has seen its share of sibling duos make a go of it. But as 1883 Magazine recently proclaimed, “When it comes to sibling duos, no other pairings make better music than Muo Duo.”

Comprised of Miles Donnelly and his younger sister, Winter, Muo Duo have just released their new EP, Afterpop.

“Capturing a moment; everyone waits with bated breath for ‘the next fresh sound,’” describes Miles. “On Afterpop, we try to put forth an answer.”

“It’s a combination of many genres, storytelling, and unique vocal blends that we think creates a new feeling that is also somehow nostalgic at the same time. What will come after pop? Afterpop. When your playlist sounds like nothing and everything that has come before it, you are forced to define a genre – which is what we attempt to do with the name and the feeling. Afterpop is a five-track bite sized sample of what we can do and what will come next."

Based in New York, Miles’ and Winter’s careers came together during the 2020 pandemic when their family was forced to hunker in a rural area of Vermont. Practically living as mountain hermits, they found making music to be a great escape and a way to connect with people who were feeling physically and emotionally isolated. Miles and Winter recorded their first songs in a make-shift sound booth in their bedroom, created by leaning two mattresses against each other.

As Muo Duo, Miles and Winter have developed a unique, genre-bending style that knows no bounds. The pair has also garnered acclaim for their innovative videos and electrifying multi-media live performances in New York City.

In 2022, Muo Duo released their debut EP, Tasting Menu, which Wonderland Music called “the ultimate appetizer for Muo Duo’s intoxicating flavor – that is at once punchy, soulful, and impossible to forget.”

“Just like Tasting Menu, our new EP Afterpop showcases a little bit of everything we can do,” shares Miles. “From songwriting and vocals to production and feature curation, we really wanted to give the listener a new experience on each of the five tracks.”

Those five tracks include the bright and captivating “Ruby Rose;” the rhythmic and engaging “Muo Duo Show,” the dance club-inspired “Brainwaves,” the wildly energetic “Jungle City,” and the EP’s emotional finale, “Bunny Song.”

“On ‘Bunny Song’ we wanted to tell an Alice In Wonderland-like story that captures the emotional weight of love and loss,” explains Miles. “It’s a fantastical indie pop finale that feels like a cross between “Hey Jude” and everything that has come from it since.”

Swiftly rising in the pop realm, Miles and Winter have big dreams for Muo Duo. So, remember their name. Because you’ll surely come to know and love their sound.

Miles started studying composition at Juilliard in high school, where he learned all the rules so he could eventually break them. A singer, songwriter, trumpeter, producer, and award-winning film score composer, Miles (also known as Miles from Space) drew inspiration from The Beatles, Tyler The Creator, and Freddie Hubbard while he crafted Muo Duo's signature indie pop-meets-hip hop sound.

Winter – who is just 14 years old – has played the role of young Elsa in Disney's production of Frozen on Broadway. She has appeared on Sesame Street as well as the hit Netflix series, Manifest. In addition to bringing her immense vocal talent to Muo Duo, Winter Currently performs in the children’s chorus at the MET Opera.


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