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Clutch – 'Sunrise on Slaughter Beach'- September 16, 2022 via Weathermaker Music

Clutch • Sunrise On Slaughter Beach • September 16 via WeathermakerMusic

The album's nine tracks introduce "firsts" into the Clutch canon, including the vibraphone, theremin, and female backup vocals by Deborah Bond and Frenchie Davis that take on a diverse ride, destined to please longtime fans and intrigue newcomers alike. It's a new chapter in an ever-unfolding story which means as much to the fans as it does to the band. Produced by D.C. underground legend J. Robbins (Government Issue and Jawbox), Sunrise On Slaughter Beach includes the fast-cut "Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)," inspired by sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick, childhood summer nostalgia on "We Strive for Excellence" and the odd things that happen in Delaware Bay on "Slaughter Beach."

The band is available next week for interview opportunities surrounding the album and tour before the album's release.

Drummer Jean-Paul Gaster initially thought Sunrise On Slaughter Beach would be an opposite reaction to the polarization and uncertainty of the pandemic years. Perhaps something more upbeat, in the vein of 2013's Earth Rocker album. "The more the songs took shape, the less I saw that kind of an album. Something different took shape. The record we ended up with is, in some ways, the most different record we've made in a long time."

In discussing the album, frontman, and guitarist, Neil Fallon added, "This has been a marathon. It took a long time to build, but it's gonna be here for a long time."

CLUTCH shares more in common with The Grateful Dead, Rush, and the Allman Brothers than their heavy riffs and heady twists-of-phrase might suggest. Because, like those bands, the supporters who adore CLUTCH are there for the experience, community, and authentic connection.

Seneca Valley High School classmates Neil Fallon (vocals), Tim Sult (guitar), Dan Maines (bass), and Jean-Paul Gaster (drums) share an unshakeable musical and personal bond now three decades strong. Shaped by the same region which birthed Bad Brains, Minor Threat, and Rites Of Spring, CLUTCH crafts hyper-literate and libertine jams informed by hardcore fury rock. Across 13 studio albums and assorted releases since 1991, they've earned a reputation as one of the best.

A worldwide cabal of fans and critics cherish the band's dense and diverse catalog of underground classics, released through major labels, indies, and since 2009. The band launched their label, Weathermaker Music, and released From Beale Street to Oblivion album in 2007 helmed by Joe Barresi (Soundgarden, Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age) with "Electric Worry" boasting 30 million streams on Spotify. In 2009, Strange Cousins from the West debuted in Billboard's Top 40, and the six-figure-selling Pure Rock Fury album in 2001 was bolstered by the band's first Top 40 hit, "Careful With That Mic." Consequence called 2004's Blast Tyrant's reissue album in 2011 "a classic metal record" and said, "Clutch is one of those bands that will probably be around forever. They have been consistently producing some of the best hard rock albums for over 20 years, and they haven't missed a single step." In 2013's Earth Rocker album went straight to #1 on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums, #6 on the Billboard Top Rock Albums, and #15 on the Billboard Top 200 – plus, Classic Rock Magazine included the album and Psychic Warfare (2015) among the "50 Best Rock Albums of the 2010s." Weathermaker Music released the 12th Clutch album, Book of Bad Decisions, in 2018 with another #1 on the Billboard Hard Rock chart and also came in at #16 on the Billboard 200 – Rolling Stone described it as "bathed in the grit and liberal fuzz tone that has made their live shows legendary." That same year, Kerrang! Magazine called Neil Fallon "the biggest voice in rock."

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