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Brianna Ruelas puts “Thieves,” on Blast!

The making of “Thieves” started before the Pandemic kept us all in Quarantine and was indeed a labor of love.

The song documents battles with comparison, self-doubt, and regret. These issues raged in her mind continuously, and the song evolved as Brianna waited almost a year to return to the studio due to Covid.

"Thieves," started as a personal anthem of perseverance, but over time it grew into something much bigger. After sharing it with a close friend who lost her loved one, Brianna discovered this ballad of hope is a universal reminder to silence the lies and negativity that pollute our minds, trust, and believe we will overcome.

“Through loss, failures, and the deepest of life’s challenges, we can open ourselves to the process of circling back to faith and trusting there is freedom in surrender.  My hope when you listen to it is that you’ll feel held, encouraged, and loved during this holiday season.”

Brianna Ruelas

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