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Alyson Williams new release "Summer Nights In Harlem"

Harlem's First Lady of Jazz, Ms. Alyson Williams, has released her new Single SP, "Summer Nights In Harlem."

Ms. William's new project is the second release from the Maurice Lynch Music Label. The project contains two songs: "Summer Nights in Harlem" and "The Romance of You."

The Musician line includes an A-List of Grammy Award-winning musicians. Maestro Ray Chew, Christian McBride, Ulysses Owens Jr., Christian Sands, Kirk Whalum, Ron Blake, "King" Solomon Hicks, Ajaay Swindell, Greg, Sneed, Paul Odeh, and background vocals by Ty Stephens and Dawn Tallman. 

The songs are available on all digital media outlets, and you will be able to purchase the physical CD on Amazon.

Credits: CD Photography - Grayson Dantzic

Location: Minton's Playhouse, Harlem, New York

PR/Media Contact

Angelo A. Ellerbee

Double XXposure Media Relations



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