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Soulful Electronic Duo, 'Body Salt' New Single "Please Avoid Your Grave"

Soulful electronic duo BODY SALT are celebrating the release of their new single, “Please Avoid Your Grave.” The melodic ballad explores themes of love set to mellow synth beats, delving into the importance of simple moments between people and the fragility of life. Themes that resonate now more than ever as the world grapples with the Coronavirus pandemic. The track can be streamed on music blog Beats Per Minute and on all digital platforms.

“‘Please Avoid Your Grave’ was inspired by love for another,” the duo explains. “The song speaks to the desire for the one you love not to perish in any aspect; mentally, emotionally, spiritually, or physically. It acknowledges the beauty and profound importance of simple moments with another, the desire for more, and the gratefulness for the past. It also illuminates the fragility of life and its absurdity. “Please Avoid Your Grave” is an anthemic love ballad meant to evoke feeling with its thoughtful lyrics, huge drum beats, and memorable synth melodies. The song is a reminder for people to always look for the beauty in every moment and cherish them and the ones we experience them with.”

“With the current situation happening in our world,” they continued, “we encourage people to bask in the love of those around them even in times of distance and isolation. Ideally this would be a time we strip away any barriers between others and dismantle ego we’ve inflated. We can survive on our own but we strive to stay alive for moments with others.”

Based out of San Diego, Body Salt is a musical duo consisting of Ezekiel Morphis and Jonathon Bruhin. Body Salt uses powerful lyrical writing, rhythmic drums, and heavy bass to create meaningful and authentic pop music. Considered to be a true bridge between genres Body Salt is its own unique brand of pop, however the sound has been described as a darker, male vocal driven Marian Hill, or a grittier Bob Moses. The songs created by the duo are dark and honest, as well as uplifting and hopeful.

Catching the ears of San Diego’s top Alternative radio station 91X and landing in the Top 5 of their Loudspeaker countdown in March 2019, Body Salt creates a symbiotic connection between folk songwriting and electronic production. The duo generates waves of energy in whichever venue they are present in, bringing the audience a unique brand of pop music that features contemplative and impactful lyrics, as well as irresistible dance beats. Considered by San Diego’s top influencers to be one of the most exciting new acts in recent years, Body Salt is guaranteed to leave an impression.

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