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B.Wize: Introduction of a Wize man.

B.Wize/Used by permission

With a late start in the genre B.Wize personifies truth from all shades of the color line. He took notes from Lupe Fiascos "The Cool" and "Friend of the People" while becoming a pupil of Detroit's icon Eminem. His influences also include Andre 3000, Nas, Jay-z and Tupac, which in their own respect speaks truth. "I rather my work be known for truth when I'm dead than be live popular fronting lies."

Muzilog's Sam had a moment to talk with B.Wize, check out the following interview:

Sam: Hello B.Wize, thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to chat with us at How are you doing today?

B. Wize: No problem at all, anytime I'm above 6 feet, I'm blessed.

Sam: I’d love to start with your chosen stage name. What’s the story behind your stage name, B.Wize?

B. Wize: My gift of words was stimulated by being able to absorb wisdom from my ancestors. People, life experiences, and being blessed with a vision to see things from multiple perspectives combined with the ability to articulate different mediums sums up "wisdom."

Sam: I’m also feeling your logo, who designed that? B.Wize: Believe it or not, I use Fiverr for a lot of my branding material. I don't have a huge budget, so I have been resourceful. I'm very detailed in how I brand to make sure my message gets across, and the idea actually came from my wife. Sam: Do you play an instrument? Did you grow up in a musical home? Whose side of the family you think your talent comes from, Mom or Dad? B.Wize: I've always had a deep connection to music even though I was useless with an instrument. I couldn't write to a beat, so I started off in poetry which I get my writing talent from my mom. My dad is a talker, so once I polished my MC skills the two meshed, and that's how I believe I've become a dope MC biologically. I'm a big fan of opera and classical music. Frank Sinatra and Luciano Pavarotti are my favorite. My mom was a big fan of Teddy Pendergrass and a lot of Motown Soul Music. This gave me an appreciation for the craft at a young age and still to this day I value the lyrical content of a song. Sam: I read that you started late in the rap game, who or what prompted you to step into the game? also, talk about two of your main influences in any genre B.Wize: I've always had the soul of an MC, I think I had to work, and I'm still working to perfect my craft. Before my start, I enjoyed the art form but didn't think I was good enough to pursue it. Ironically, my first rap song I wrote when I was 23 for a music class in college. It took me about 4 hours to write two 16s and a hook but when I performed I was so nervous I forgot the lyrics. It wasn't until 3 years later I wrote and recorded my 1st record called "Audience" which is on Youtube. When I figured out that I was blessed with this gift, I was disturbed at the image Hip-Hop gave the African-American community. Elders encourage to get a degree, become a lawyer or doctor and because of the mainstream perception that skews the reality you can only be successful in the music industry by becoming the stereotypical black male degrading women and flaunting money. I want to change that image by showing youth and elders that Hip-Hop started and still is a vehicle to uplift and embedded positive change in our community. Presenting the image that you can be in the music business INDEPENDENTLY and not have to devalue your kingship for the peasantry. Why I do this and what keeps me motivated aside from feeding my family is the negative atmosphere that the music industry has created that mirrors the destruction in our community, I want to reinvent Hip-Hop culture. Eminem and Lupe Fiasco are my mentors. I have the raw, IDGAF attitude from Eminem combined with the intelligent and social conscious type swagger of Lupe Fiasco. What they share in common is their uncanny ability to be comfortable in their own skin and not afraid to speak their mind. Sam: Based on the tracks I heard, I’ll say better late than never because I think you’re a voice the game needs right now. Please talk about the song “Hard Days Night.” Who did the production and who’s the featured female voice? B.Wize: Organically I always was different, a rebel with a cause and when I started to take becoming an artist seriously, my mindset was the same. I didn't want to try and sound like the hottest thing out or copycat just for fame or fortune. I wanted to be genuine and let people know I was different. That's where Sinima beats came in. I like my records to have a cinema vibe to engage the audience in using their imagination while listening to the record. Allowing the listener to create his own screenplay - sorta, speak with the lyrics as the script. The single "Hard Days Night," was inspired by work within the mental health field. I saw so many people depressed and sad because of the environment that Life had given them which brought me to a more significant conclusion; which is we all have times when it seems dark clouds hover over us and even if we carry an umbrella it feels we get rained on. I wanted to explore that feeling and also give some inspiration that troubles are a stepping stone for greatness. Unfortunately, the producer can't disclose the feature due to confidential reasons, so I'm not sure who she is but bar none, she's dope, lol. Sam: Do you have a full project coming out soon? [if so] Tell us about it, who’s involved regarding production, musicians, etc and what’s the expected release date? B.Wize: I'm just pushing singles right now, but I have some tricks up my sleeves when that time comes for a full project. Sam: What would you like music lovers to get from your music? B.Wize: Education and inspiration. I classify my music as FEEL GOOD MUSIC. Music that will make you think and not sink. Sam: Any performance dates soon? B.Wize: As of now, I'm building my non-profit, called College Takeover Tour which you can find us at which does a fundraising concert called Minds Matter Expo, that's the only scheduled performance on the calendar as of now. Sam: How can folks connect with you online? Also, where are you based? B.Wize: All my info is at, and I represent Kansas City, KS by way of Crowley, LA to the fullest. Sam: Is there anything that you’ll like to add in this interview that I may not have asked you? B.Wize: We currently have a fundraiser for our Minds Matter Expo that brings awareness to mental health/suicide for youth. You can purchase a limited time only MIND MATTER hoodie at the link provided:

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FB: B.Wize(iamb.wize)

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