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Anti-Drug Film: Crackdown Big City Blues makes US debut.

In 1990, filmmakers, Paul DeSilva and Frazier Prince decided to do a docudrama about the drug epidemic during that time. The famous drug of the day was known as Crack cocaine. The film was completed in 1991and titled, “Crackdown Big City Blues.” The film was distributed to territories in Europe and then it was shelved. Unfortunately, filmmaker, Paul DeSilva died of a massive heart attack in 1997. In 2017, Frazier Prince got a call from film distributor, Phil Hopkins ['The Film Detective'] who showed interest in the movie. Now a year later the film has been restored and remastered and is set to be distributed in the US and Canada for the first time ever. The film is available in all formats - streaming, downloads and Blu-Ray.

CRACKDOWN BIG CITY BLUESWritten & Directed by Paul DeSilva And Produced by Frazier Prince. Crackdown Big City Blues illustrates the anguish, brutality and violence associated with drug dealers claiming their turf in a feisty small community. A community which wants to protect its inhabitants and remain drug free. Starring Jim Hill, Stu “Large” Riley, and Rhonda Ross Kendrick. To kick things off, there’s a special screening of “Crackdown Big City Blues,” on August 24th in Stroudsburg, PA. This is a Drug awareness event and fundraiser for opioids Drug and Drug Addiction programs. The screening event includes a Q&A with Drug Counselors from Carbon Monroe Pike Drug and Alcohol Commission, Pyramid Healthcare and other qualified guests presenters. All proceeds and donations to benefit Carbon Monroe Pike Drug and Alcohol Commission Venue: Pocono Cinema & Cultural Center, 88 South Cortland Street East Stroudsburg, PA, 18301 Time: 7PM - 10PM Please listen to the interview with Frazier Prince and radio host Bob Mathews.

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