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Nadira Norjahan: Legacy Of Love.

“Legacy Of Love,“ is the new single from Nadira Norjahan featuring Kisha “K-Lashe” Nimmons, written by Nadira Norjahan and Samuel Archer, Produced by Samuel Archer and mixed by Jon Evans. The new single is the title song from the forthcoming book soundtrack, Legacy of Love, Eartha’s Seed. The Soundtrack includes Soul, Jazz, R&B, Hip-Hop and Spoken Word featuring exceptional guests, Kisha K-Lashe’ Nimmons, Carolyn Keys, Howard “Phenominalblak” Sanford, Chris “Rafi” McCrae, Timothy “Ferk Doe” Devlin and Michelle “Sapphire Blue” Shearlds. The project is produced by Samuel Archer, with featured productions by Howard “Phenominalblak” Sanford and engineering by Jon Evans. LEGACY OF LOVE, Eartha’s Seed THE BOOK will be published in electronic version in August 2018. The soundtrack will be released on September 1, 2018.

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