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Rising Rap Artist S'natra Releases New Single, US Tour With Brasstracks

Hear the name Sinatra and you might think of Strangers in the Night or Luck be a Lady. But, more and more hip-hop fans are starting to think of S’natra, the emerging rapper with an intoxicating sound.

S’natra is releasing “Off Key,” which, of course, is anything but. Produced by Ivan Jackson, of Brasstracks, it’s also the first single from his much-anticipated debut mixtape, Subject to Change.

“The song is about trying to figure out how to balance making a living in streets and making music,” says S’natra. "It happened at a time when I was hustling to pay the bills and got to a point where that was keeping me away from music. I had to make a choice. If I'm gonna do this music, I gotta go all the way. It was a promise to myself that I wasn't gonna go halfway with anything - all or nothing. It just felt right as soon as I laid it down and was the first track from the upcoming project that I wanted to introduce to fans.”

Born to Dominican immigrants and raised in Harlem, S’natra spent several years working New York’s underground rap scene and honing his craft before hooking up with Grammy-winning producer, Ivan Jackson, of Brasstracks. Finding common ground in their love for the Big Apple, S’natra and Jackson immediately began working on Subject to Change.

During the last two years, S’natra has signed with CAA, and toured extensively, performing at major venues and festivals across the country. Now, he’s gearing up for the Subject to Change Tour alongside Brasstracks, which will find him criss-crossing the U.S., including a stop at New York City’s famed Bowery Ballroom, and parts of Canada.

Representing his struggle growing up in Harlem, Subject To Change gives listeners a glimpse into S’natra’s world, and the hardships that come with being an emerging rapper. The album has an an East Coast feel, a nod to New York classics, like Nas’ "Illmatic", while still catering to the wave of energetic new hip-hop fans.

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