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Nadira Norjahan starts 2018 with “Hot Chocolate.”

To kick off the new year, Nadira Norjahan presents her Sweet Heat series. This series consists of five singles which are to be released periodically throughout the first quarter of 2018.

The first release of this series titled “Hot Chocolate” was produced by Samuel Archer and is available for immediate download. The final mix for this track was completed by Jon Evans of JonWerx Recording in Nashville, Tennessee. The arrangement of the song lends itself to a jazz and soul-influenced sound to engage the easy-listening audience. Its lyrical content tells a sweet story of romance to give warmth on a cold winter day.

The second track is a remake titled “It May Be Winter Outside…” written by the late great Barry White and Paul Politi which was recorded and released by the group Love Unlimited in 1974. The remaining songs, “Children of the Sun,” “Sunshine,” and “Dancin Fire,” are also produced by Samuel Archer. Each recording will be made available for download exclusively at

The release dates for each track will be announced on the website. Each song will cost $1.00 per download.

Fans and new listeners will enjoy an eclectic mix of soul, R&B, alternative and dance music that tells stories of romance, revolution, and freedom of spirit in Nadira Norjahan’s Sweet Heat Series.

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