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Dominique Mathurin releases new music.

We recently had a moment to do an interview with recording artist, Dominique Mathurin, who recently released some new music, check out the interview and learn more.

Muzilog: Hi Dominique, how are you doing today?

Dominique: I’m doing well thank you.

Muzilog: Where are you based?

Dominique: I’m in Orlando, Florida.

Muzilog: So you just released a new single, what’s the title of your new song, what is the song about, who are the writers, musicians, producer(s)?

Dominique: Yes, ‘People’ it’s a song I’d written a while back after going through a weird break up. I was having a hard time with it mainly because I didn’t initiate it. It caught me off guard, and I wanted answers. So writing it was therapeutic. Just like my breakup, ‘People’ also experienced breakups from 2 prior producers and 2 arrangements but neither would have anything on Hilaire Charles’ production. It’s second to none, he captured the true essence of the song. I guess good things really come to those who persist.

Muzilog: Is there a video? if so, who directed, what was the most fun part of making the video and what was the worst part?

Dominique: I’ve envisioned a video directed by a director with innovative ideas similar to my producer who can capture the true essence of me…the best part about the video would be working with the handsome co-star and the worst would be my wig flying off with the wind.

I gather you understand that means no video has been filmed yet lol.

Muzilog: Yes I do lol

Muzilog: What would you like music lovers to get from your new single?

Dominique: I’d like the music lovers to think how refreshing the sound is and to add it to their playlists.

Muzilog: What would you call your style of music, do you play an instrument and who are some of your influences?

Dominique: My style of music is Pop with Soul elements. I used to play woodwinds in school, have been a lazy guitar learner lately. Some of my influences include Stevie Wonder; hands down he’s just all around perfect, I like India Arie; I love her soul and that she plays guitar too.

Muzilog: Name three artists you have on your MP3 player right now and who’s your favorite artist?

Dominique: I have Lacrae, Trip Lee, and Michael Jackson. I love listening to Michael Jackson.

Muzilog: What prompted you to become a recording artist?

Dominique: It started with a little girl’s dream of becoming a professional singer. I love the creative process of recording, and when listening back to the records, I get inspired.

Muzilog: Is this new single leading to a full project or EP, if so when is the release date?

Dominique: This new single is leading to an EP. The record is available now, but official release event will soon be announced.

Muzilog: What performance dates do you have coming up, are you touring?

Dominique: I’ve been in the studio recording which doesn’t leave much time for performances. Doing some singing at community events locally meanwhile.

Muzilog: How can folks connect with you online?

Muzilog: is there anything in this interview that you’ll like to talk about that I may not have asked?

Dominique: I think music is so special, but the content in music has died down in the last few years. There’s something about music that has soul and depth. It comes from a special place, and that’s what I’ve been putting into my work. I’m just an island girl with a dream to impact the world with music and lyrics that are thought provoking. I plan to travel and reach out to people through my music. I was given the gift of music, and freely give it back, and that is how I want to contribute to the world.

Dominique Mathurin

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