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MIA LJ releases new song and video, "This Livin."

“This Livin,” is the new music video from 19 year old and New York native, Mia LJ. This is a follow up to Mia’s critically acclaimed debut EP, “These Are The Years,” which she began writing at just 14.

Having since performed at sold out festivals and received attention from major record labels, Mia LJ’s fire has always been within her uncompromising vision. As a multi-instrumentalist, she creates 100% of her music and tracks every arrangement on the record. This summer Mia LJ hopes to discover new fans, and reach new audiences with her music.

Muzilog’s Samuel Archer had a moment to ask Mia LJ a few questions, check out the interview…

Sam: Hi Mia LJ, how are you doing today? Mia: I'm doing great! A pleasure to connect. Sam: Where are you based? Mia: I was born & raised in New York. I relocate to a different city every few months, but I can't complain. Music has taken me to places I've never even dreamt of traveling to -- all blessings. Sam: So you just released a new single, what’s the title of your new song, what is the song about, who are the writers, musicians, producer(s)? Mia: Yeah! I just dropped the title track of my upcoming debut album - "This Livin." The song was written back in 2013. Lyrically, my music tends to touch on self-prophesying the future and personal goals -- romantic, career based, etc. "This Livin" was focused upon manifesting the lifestyle I'd always dreamt of living as a kid -- making music, traveling the world, simply falling in love with life. The release time is quite ironic as here we are years later and those dreams are now reality. In regards to the writers, musicians, producers, etc as a multi - instrumentalist, singer, songwriter, and producer my music is independently written, recorded, & produced by me. Over half of my upcoming debut album was mixed & mastered independently with 100% being written independently. Sam: What was the concept for the video shoot and who directed, what was the most fun part of making the video and what was the worst part? Mia: This Livin's visual concept was concentrated on offering a glimpse at what it's like to chill with me in my home state - New York. I love to whip around cool cars & take walks in my free time. I independently wrote the visual treatment & directed the visual alongside a killer team -- the sole cinematographer, Bryan Nunez aka A1 Vision and set designer Kristian Kruz. The best & worst part of shooting were one in the same -- driving stick for the first time in a 1969 Volvo P1800. The car was beyond beautiful with a red genuine leather interior, chrome accents, and a glossy white finish. I wasn't as bad as most would assume as the car didn't stall once!! No doubt, we were bouncing around quite a bit on the take off haha. Sam: What would you like music lovers to get from your new single? Mia: There are so many different layers to "This Livin" on an instrumental level that set the song apart from everything you hear on radio. Vocals are incredibly organic -- no auto tune whatsoever. The electric guitar arrangement in the verse includes very unpredictable notes to compliment the acoustic guitar progression. The drums are live, authentic, & punchy, unlike the common digitally programmed percussion. Once the chorus hits, the electric guitar arrangement gets groovy while carried by digital synth production. When in studio, my concentration has always been ensuring that the music is practically perfect when completely raw. There's a thin line that stands between songs & music. Furthermore, my goal is not to make music but to be music. Sam: What would you call your style of music, do you play an instrument and who are some of your influences? Mia: My music is best described as Soul Infused Indie Rock. I play six instruments, sing, song - write, produce, mix, and master. Personal influences range from Coldplay, Paramore, Drake, & Phantogram amongst countless others. Sam: What does LJ stand for? and name three artists you have on your MP3 player right now and who’s your favorite artist? Mia: LJ is just my last name abbreviated. It's really long & hard to pronounce. As a kid, teachers would always tell me to write my full name on all the work. My response was a bit clever as I started abbreviating my last name to keep it down to five letters haha. Three artists, I love listening to are Post Malone, Local Natives, and G Eazy. There are far too many amazing artists/bands for me to ever have a favorite. However, I do have a favorite album - "Threads" by Now Now. It's the only album that inspires the same feelings that came about the first time I'd ever heard it Sam: What prompted you to become a recording artist? Mia: When first venturing into music, I was captivated by Jimi Hendrix, Lenny Kravitz, and more. These are the first artists that prompted me to pick up a guitar and eventually become a recording artist. Also, the idea of your soul living on after the physical self-dies definitely attracted me to this career path. Hence my creation of Soul Infused Indie Rock. I put every bit of myself into the music. Once released, it's out there forever. Music never dies. If the art possesses true quality, songs become timeless. Sam: Is this new single leading to a full project or EP, if so when is the release date? Mia: As mentioned, "This Livin" is the title track of my upcoming debut album. I can't announce the release date just yet! However, I can say it won't be long and there is a ton of music being released leading up to the full length. Sam: What performance dates do you have coming up, are you touring? Mia: Ahhhh questions like this kill me as I'm unable to announce tour dates just yet either! Trust that I am as eager to hit the road as the rest of the world has expressed they are. I receive messages from fans located in India, Sweden, Seattle, Canada, Mexico, and more daily begging me to come play live. The feeling I get from receiving such support is indescribable, but just as I tell the fans -- it won't be long! Sam: How can folks connect with you online? Mia: I try to stay as active as possible on social media, sharing behind the scenes takes daily through my Instagram story + personal tweets. I also try to respond to all DMs. You can find me at: Sam: is there anything in this interview that you’ll like to talk about that I may not have asked? Mia: Massive thanks to fans for all the love on my debut music video/single, "This Livin." Just know, everything will only get better. Being able to grow with a base of supporters from all around the world is life changing. Mad love for helping me transform dreams into reality.

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