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Muzilog interview with Bassist, Nate Jones…

World renowned bassist, Nate Jones took a moment to chop it up with Muzilog about his new soon to be released Mix-Tape project, touring and his future endeavors. Building on the momentum of his well-known brand, he is set to launch his first self-produced studio project, the @TasteTheStage Mixtape, Volume 1, in collaboration with his live event, the Taste The Stage Open Mic. Showing off his music arranging and production expertise, Nate called on many of New York City’s elite talent to make history with the @TasteTheStage Mixtape, Volume 1. Billed as “NYC's first live mixtape”, the @TasteTheStage project encapsulates Nate’s vision of “creating a breeding ground for local unsigned talent to come in with their best artistic game and legitimately be seen and heard by the best in the industry.” Taste The Stage is Entertainment Industry 101 for any artist seeking that inside source and ability to take their artistic talents to the next level. The Taste The Stage band, comprised of the best musicians in the world as far as Nate is concerned, keeps the momentum of the open mic event moving as singers and emcees with star quality cover pop hits by everyone from Jill Scott and Stevie Wonder to Jay-Z and Coldplay. Many artists, however, perform their original material with the Taste The Stage band giving them that powerful adrenaline boost to get the crowd excited about supporting each artists. The @TasteTheStage Mixtape, Volume 1 captures all of this energy and more as the first installment of an ongoing body of recordings to be expected by Nate Jones and the exceptional artists of Taste The Stage.

Check out our interview with Bassist, Nate Jones

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