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Alexa Wilding Releases New EP Wolves

Dreamy psych-folk songstress Alexa Wilding has officially released her new EP Wolves today! Wolves was co-produced by Tom Beaujour, known for his work with Nada Surf, Julianna Hatfield, and The Mountain Goats. This highly anticipated EP releases via Wilding's own Tiny Prism label, which is now available to stream via Baeble Music and Spotify, and to purchase via Bandcamp,iTunes and Amazon.

Wilding is set to play Rockwood Music Hall on Monday, July 11th in New York City with Annie Hart (Au Revoir Simone) to celebrate the release of her new EP!

While Wilding is best known for her celestial folk (2009's self-titled debut and 2012's astral Coral Dust), her third album is eerily earth side. The six songs unfold as Polaroids, revisiting lovers past and life on the road before Wilding became a mother of twins in 2013. What the album does not directly address is the nightmare during which the songs were written, on a borrowed toy piano, in the hospital while her son underwent (successful) treatment for cancer. "It was fight or flight," Wilding explains, "Instead of running away I retreated into song, to memory, making peace with the past so I could step up, 'do like the wolves do,' and fight for my family's future."

Reflecting on this difficult time, Wilding explains, "I had yet to come to terms with being a new mother, let alone the crisis I was in the middle of, so I turned to the only thing I knew how to do. I wrote at night, to escape really, revisiting people and places I missed, reliving moments, life on the road, relationships, all pre-motherhood. The songs kept us company, I made peace with the past, and we both made it out alive."

The bones of Wolves' songs were recorded live in one day, with Tim Foljahn (unmistakable on dusty lead guitar), bassist Jeremy Wilms andBrian Kantor on drums. The result is a muscular, surprisingly upbeat pop panorama, over which Wilding's matured vocals - think Natalie Merchant's grace meets Hope Sandoval's psychedelia - are free to explore heartbreak and resurrection.

Tagged as "one of music's hippest chicks" alongside Florence + The Machine (New York Post), Wilding has been featured as one to watch inBust Magazine, Dossier Journal, Nylon, Urban Outfitters, Page Six and Harper's Bazaar amongst others. Her music reached a national audience while on tours with Au Revoir Simone, Ben Lee and Jennifer O'Connor, and overseas via her video collaborations with Ivana Helsinki. A native New Yorker, Wilding cut her teeth as a side woman in Int'l Shades, an art-rock project with former Pussy Galore/Sonic Youthdrummer, Bob Bert and Live Skull's Mark C. She lives and works in her native New York City with her husband and twin boys.

Alexa Wilding has officially released her new EP Wolves today, July 8, 2016. For more information, please visit:

Wolves Tracklisting:

01. Wolves

02. Eden

03. Road Song

04. Stars

05. Black

06. Durga

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