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New single from Johnny Polonsky on Pearl Jam founder's label - Loosegroove

Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist, Jonny Polonsky today releases "Wrong Dove.” The single is from his upcoming LP Rise of the Rebel Angels, out May 12, 2023 via Loosegroove Records/The Orchard.

The hauntingly beautiful “Wrong Dove,” the second single from the upcoming LP, frames his impressive range as a songwriter this time in an emotional and haunting ballad. Jonny’s falsetto vocals glide over acoustic guitar with an evocative organ coming in later on adding to the poignant instrumentation.

Journalist Tina Benitez-Eves lauded the new single today in a feature story with American Songwriter where she dove into "Wrong Dove" and the upcoming album.

Jonny says, “I wrote ‘Wrong Dove’ just messing around on my acoustic 12 string guitar one afternoon. It’s a strange little song, with kind of a baroque, medieval feel to it. In retrospect,

I realize I stole the opening bit from an Alex G song. Lyrically, the song is about how off track one can get in life. It has a mournful, yearning quality to it, but I think there’s a lot of hope and a redemptive feeling in there, too.”

Stone Gossard who runs Loosegroove Records and can wax rhapsodic about Jonny and his talent, says, “Jonny is that rare talent that is highly creative in songwriting combined with his finely tuned musicianship. ‘Wrong Dove’ transports me to the 60s every time I hear it. Though its lush sound and production sound modern, its psychedelic vibes make it sound timeless. I love this song.”

The video for “Wrong Dove” is directed by Loosegroove Records creative director Regan Hagar. Bathed in red light with minimal effects, the video’s simplistic nature allows for the emotion of the song to be in the forefront.

“Wrong Dove” follows the release of “Let It Rust,” the first single from Jonny’s upcoming album, Rise of the Rebel Angels. He recorded nearly everything on the album in his NYC apartment and in one 11-hour drum session in a studio. Jonny recorded every instrument himself, with the exception of drums on two songs where renowned drummers Matt Hankle (Soul Asylum) and Nick Vincent (original Frank Black drummer) leant their skills.

Jonny says, "On about half of the tracks, it is actually my guitar and vocal iPhone demos that you are hearing. The album is just the right amount of sloppy, because sometimes, that makes things sound more interesting."

Jonny’s first album Hi My Name Is Jonny was released through Rick Rubin’s American recordings after signing him on a recommendation from The Pixies’ Frank Black. The album has maintained a cult following throughout the years and inspired an award-winning Belgian documentary Hi My Name Is Jonny Polonsky, which chronicled Jonny’s 2020 tour of Belgium.

As a result of his renowned musicianship, Jonny has been sought after by well known musical names to give artistic input and collaborate on their projects including: Johnny Cash on the last song he ever wrote, “Like The 309”, Maynard James Keenan, Pete Yorn, the late Mark Lanegan, Tom Morello and The Dixie Chicks to name a few.


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