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“Lonely Christmas” is the Holiday Hit Song None of Us Knew We Needed

Written by a 15 -Year-Old, Unknown Singer Songwriter from Outside Philadelphia

15 year-old WALLIS, a heretofore unknown young singer/songwriter from Philadelphia, has continued to create and perform - despite the challenges of 2020 - by writing songs with her father.

"Lonely Christmas" by WALLIS, is her very first single, and the perfect tune for this unprecedented holiday season. Featuring The Schriver Sisters (her sisters Maren (13) and Soleil (10)), "Lonely Christmas" embodies the beautiful complexity of this Christmas as we navigate being together while having to stay physically apart, as well as timeless feelings of loneliness and hope. WALLIS's extraordinarily soulful and technically sound vocals belie her young age.

The music video was filmed on her father’s iPhone at her home and neighborhood as well as her grandparents’ house. After only two days on YouTube, the video was shared on Reddit's r/Music subreddit, where it became an immediate success- even reaching Reddit's What's Hot page! WALLIS's music video has now gained over 95,000 views on YouTube, over 23,000 views on Instagram, and her newly created social media profiles are blowing up.


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