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Interview with Author, Janice Ross

Janice Ross has always believed she was born to write. Ever since she first held a writing device and scribbled in her first journal and created a made-up life, she fell in love with the power of storytelling. Since all those years ago, she's grown into a phenomenal writer with the skill and experience to feature in true-to-life tales.

Janice is a native of Guyana, South America, and relocated to the United States with her family in 1980. Ties to her land of birth are visible with her, and she also considers herself a world citizen because she has traveled the world with her mindful imagination, a pen, and a lot of paper.

Janice is drawn to stories with distinct characters that she can love or hate, characters she can form alliances with, or characters that she can swear off and despise. She is also weak for a good cultural tale, preferably in the form of historical fiction. Janice loves to be taken off guard by clever language and settings.

Janice is also a devout supporter and promoter of other authors through social media. She hosts a weekly show, Cultural Cocktails, on the most prominent social radio network, Blog Talk Radio.

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