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Jono Manson Wants To Get "Home Again To You"

Jono Manson will release his new album Silver Moon this Friday, April 10. Silver Moon is a milestone record for the cult musician, featuring superstar friends such as Joan Osborne, James Maddock, Warren Haynes, Terry Allen, Eric Schenkman, and many more.

Jono was touring Italy in February and cut off his tour due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Upon arriving home to Santa Fe, he found out he had to be quarantined before returning to his family. Today, he released the eerily appropriate video for "Home Again To You," which he premiered with Relix Magazine and coincidentally filmed in Italy. The new single features David Berkeley on harmony vocals and is sung from the point of view of a traveler just trying to get home.

Jono elaborated on the track:

Last month, the song and video, shot in Italy, took on new significance for me. On February 8th, I flew to Italy to play a run of shows and produce an album for Italian rockers The Gang. I was due to stay until March 10th. The last week of my concerts in Italy were canceled because of restrictions on public gatherings put in place by regional Italian authorities due to the outbreak of coronavirus, which became known on February 21st. I changed my departure to Feb 29th so I could get safely back to my little family in Santa Fe before there was any risk of me being detained, blocked, or quarantined in any place. Before news of the outbreak, I had already played gigs from Napoli to Torino and received a hero's welcome from enthusiastic crowds who all wanted to kiss me (twice, once on each cheek, as the Italians do).

But, while I was in the air we received a notification from The New Mexico Department of Health. Their official recommendation for people returning from high-risk areas, but not exhibiting any symptoms (i.e. yours truly), was to self-isolate for 14 days upon return. As difficult as it is for us, we complied. I stayed in a small house and had no contact with any other human beings, including my wife and daughter. This gave me a dubious distinction of being the first person to be isolated in our fair state....finally, a real claim to fame!

After my two weeks of solo isolation, I returned to my family and, since the progression of the pandemic in the USA is a few weeks behind most of Europe, the same set of circumstances that I narrowly escaped in Italy. Thankfully, we are all healthy and continue to do our part to observe every possible precaution.

Stay safe, everyone, and stay well!

Now releasing his 10th studio album, the singer-songwriter, producer, and tastemaker has become something of a roots-rock icon. Back in the 1980s and 1990s, he was the godfather of NYC’s famed Nightingale Bar scene, the venue that kickstarted the careers of Blues Traveler, Spin Doctors, and Joan Osborne, among others. Jono will always be associated with New York City, even though he’s lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1992. Silver Moon's overarching theme of a silver moon is a byproduct of self-reflection that comes later in life. A silver moon slowly fades away at sunrise but, even as it disappears, it remains present, unseen. The imagery here is rife with mortality. “I’m 59, and I feel vital and great, but I have these thoughts about what’s next. I think everyone does at a certain age,” Jono reflects. “I still feel like this kid who just loves to play rock n’ roll. Though I’m still in the trenches, and I’ve never been a rock star, I feel so lucky to continue to have this multifaceted career.”

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