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Delaware Music Network & Muzilog Presents… Some of What Today’s Hip Hop Needs – KAE HOCK!

I had to listen to his tracks twice. I feared I missed something during the first listen. You know, kind of like grandma’s sweet potato pie. The first slice was so good that you had eaten it all without savoring it. You look at your plate of crumbs like “Man! That was over too quickly!” Then you greedily and without shame slide on over to that last slice of pie, not caring who didn’t get a taste, scoop it onto your crumby plate, and find yourself a corner. Then you eat it. Slowly. Savoring every bite because you don’t want your taste buds to miss the song this time.

Sounds awfully dramatic, right? Yes, that’s me (Miss Drama of Whatever Year). However, the description had to be laid out for you so that you don’t miss a bite. This brotha is nothing less than SUPER DOPE!

KAE HOCK is a true hip-hop lyricist and storyteller. You will be moved and thrilled with his dope lyrical content and delivery, as well as the very well-produced, head knockin’ beats that give you a positive bridge from the 80’s to 2000s. There is no wack music here! I had the distinct pleasure of speaking with this very talented brother about his career. What a humble soul he is!

Nadira: Brotha! Before we get started, I just need to say this. Where have you been? Hip Hop most definitely needs you! KAE HOCK: (laughs) Aw, thank you so much. I am very flattered! Nadira: It’s all honesty, brotha. I grew up in Hip Hop, and I hear some Yassin Bey (aka Mos Def), Black Thought, Jay Z, Kendrick Lamar and Public Enemy in your lyrics and flow. Your tracks are thoroughly enjoyable! So, at what age did you begin writing and rhyming? KAE HOCK: Oh, I had to be about nine or ten years old when I started rhyming. Then I got serious in high school and college. Nadira: Where did you get the name KAE HOCK? KAE HOCK: Oh, there’s nothing really fancy about my name. It’s just a shortened version of my real name, Kyle Hockaday. Nadira: Tell us who your influences are. Who is your top five? KAE HOCK: Well, I can definitely say that my top four influences are Tupac, Biggie Smalls, Jay Z, and Nas. I see them as some of the best to ever have done it. My fifth choice has varied with the times. They would be Kanye (before he became a different person. I hope that he comes back to us soon. I truly believe that he will), Redman, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem. Nadira: I can definitely relate to those choices. I also hope that our brotha Kanye comes back home. Your production is very tight. You obviously have a great team. Tell us who they are. KAE HOCK: Well, the producers that I work with are Kazi Jones, Flamez Earl Jonez, and Brett Baker. I am so grateful for them and all that we have done together. We try to keep things tight, you know without there being too many heads at the table. We work together so that everyone can sit at the table and eat. Nadira: Indeed! I commend you all for your work. It is outstanding. I am so grateful to hear great hip-hop these days. It seems that hip hop is going through a transition. There’s a reboot on one side to revive good music and hip-hop and on the other hand, is mumble rap. You are definitely on the dope side of things. KAE HOCK: Thank you so very much. I always stay true in what I write about. Nadira: True that! So, what would you say to the young artists coming up behind you in this music game? KAE HOCK: Well, what I would tell them is to be true to yourself. Don’t be out here rapping and singing about things you really ain’t about in real life. Give your fans the best of you. Be relatable to them so that they can feel what you’re trying to convey. Nadira: That’s definitely important. We see too much of the fake nowadays. Tell us about your projects and what you have going on. KAE HOCK: Well, we have a few projects out now. My projects “The Bane of Fear” and “1738” can be found on iTunes, Tidal, Amazon, Soundcloud, Spotify, and other media outlets. My new EP titled “The Rough Stage” will be out soon, hopefully, this Summer. Nadira: Well, I for one will be looking forward to that! I also will be adding you to my Apple Music Playlist! So, where do you want to take your career from here? What are your future plans? KAE HOCK: Well, we enjoy working as independents in this because, you know, you have more control over what you do and the money you earn is yours. I’m not saying that if the right situation came up that we wouldn’t take it. I just feel that for now, things are working out well independently. Hopefully, we can get on some tours and travel. Of course, we will also continue with recordings. Nadira: Do you have any people you would like to shout out? KAE HOCK: Sure! My producers that I’ve mentioned as well as Dot Summers, Grouchy Greg, and Tubbs Krueger. Nadira: That’s what’s up! Do you have any new performances coming up beside your performance with The Delaware Music Network & Muzilog Jam Session on May 15th? KAE HOCK: The one I have scheduled after that is at The Underground Arts in Philadelphia, PA on May 28th. Nadira: Where can your fans find you? KAE HOCK: They can find me at KAE HOCK on social media. Nadira: Well, it has been a true pleasure speaking with you here at Muzilog, KAE. I truly appreciate you and hope the very best for you in your career and in all that you endeavor. KAE HOCK: Thanks for having me, Queen. It was a pleasure. I appreciate it. Nadira: You are most welcome!

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On May 15th at Bootless Stageworks, Delaware Music Network and Muzilog presents The Open Mic Jam Session. A monthly Open Mic and Jam Session to showcase regional artists in the Mid Atlantic (New York City to D.C) This is an all genre event. Everyone will be allowed to get on the mic. (Musicians Bring your own instruments). Feature performances by Kyle Alexander, Michelle-Lee, Tone Dice from UnRelated Family and headliner Kae Hock. Hosted by NADIRA NORJAHAN. There will be a live band and music by DJ Rock This is also an opportunity to network and build. All music professionals from the area are invited. $5 Entry Fee. For more information click here.

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