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Delaware Music Network Presents... Frontline Muzik

Hip Hop is LIFE! FRONTLINE MUZIK Brings the Noise!

By Nadira Norjahan

At first glance, one might be tempted to poorly misjudge the members of Frontline Muzik as merely some new pop-up, so-called hip-hop group trying to get on. Some may doubt that there is any true “brotherhood” therein.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Having grown up near the beginning of the hip-hop era, I have had the pleasure of experiencing “eargazms” produced in collective effort by Eric B. & Rakim, Stetsasonic, The Furious Five, The Sugar Hill Gang, Public Enemy, Run D.M.C., A Tribe Called Quest, and Wu Tang Clan, just to name a few. Now, it seems that one must sift through a valley of weeds to find hip-hop treasures like Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Eminem, Childish Gambino, Cardi B, Pitbull, and Khalid. (Of course there are more but these are my personal faves to date and in my opinion). I refuse to name any mumble rapper. Period.

Ok. I think you get where I’m going with this. Real hip-hop. That smooth delivery. That dope and professionally produced track! The tight, thought provoking, real life lyrical verse flipped with poetic finesse that causes you to be in the moment with the artist. That head nod effect that is efficient music movement and storytelling whether you are bumping it in your ride, while cleaning your house, or just chilling on the couch in the mood for some great and true to life HIP HOP! REAL HIP HOP, Y’ALL!

Pardon me. I digress.

It’s just that it is so very easy to get excited about the members of FRONTLINE MUZIK! However, while I love the fact that they are a household name in Wilmington, Delaware, I truly can’t dig why these brothers aren’t worldwide yet. I’ma just calm down and let you know that Delaware Music Network and Muzilog are up on it! I personally encourage you to put their individual and collective works on all of your playlists!


While they continue to grow their catalog of music, individually and collectively, I encourage you to look each of them up by name on YouTube and follow them by name and FRONTLINE MUZIK on social media!

I had the pleasure to speak to these brothers. Click on the link below to listen to the interview!

Live in Peace, Power & LOVE!

If Media Player doesn't load, click here.


Collectively they are REX LUGER, CHINO TERINTINO, VINTAGE BLAZE, RUBEN CRUZADO & BlackJust302! If you need a healthy dose of supreme hip-hop devoid of mumble rap and fake fillers, then FRONTLINE MUZIK is a worthy prescription for what ails you!

Some label them as the Puerto Rican Wu Tang! Born and raised in the tri-state, from young bulls in the slums of Garvey city AKA Wilmington, DE to full grown MEN who are all part of a brotherhood thicker than the concrete jungle!

Establishing themselves in 2005 as hip-hop staples in the Wilmington community, they have also performed along the East Coast from NY to DC to Florida. They opened up and shared stages with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, KRS 1, Don Omar and more!

Political realists, Frontline Muzik is a vanguard! They are a platoon of conscience yet militant minded Warriors born and bred by hip-hop delivering edgy lyrics and a powerful message in each song! They are real hard-core hip-hop at its finest!! FRONTLINE MUZIK is sure to grab your attention, cause you to feel an old-to-the-new-school hip-hop flavor as these talented individuals speak loud with a collective voice that will be heard and directly felt!!

Delaware Music Network is a collective of Musical, Lyrical and Visual artists paired with providers of entertainment resources to provide them with what they need to succeed in their crafts. We are banding together for the purpose of building a strong musical community in the state of Delaware and beyond. Please follow Delaware Music Network on FaceBook.

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