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Recap Of Day 2 [CD Baby's DIYMusician Conference 2017]

CD Baby’s DIY Musicians Conference continues to exceed expectations by presenting various ways to help empower Indie Artists. Just in case you’re wondering, DIY means - “Do It Yourself.” The Keynotes, Lectures, and presentations continually seem to end with an informative Q and A, including strong participation by artists sharing experiences that essentially benefits the whole room. Pretty much everything that Indies need to know on improving their brand and being introduced to the latest and developing technologies is taking place at the conference. Some of the new technologies being presented are in some way minimizing the grueling time indies have to put in to preparing their music for release and marketing directly to their fans.

#STASHIM #ROYALTYEXCHANGE #FANMOB #WOMENINMUSIC #JAMENDOMUSIC #MYSONGLIST #DROPTRACK #METABLOCKS As covers the conference, artists in attendance have come from all corners of the world so they can learn how to make a living whilst doing what musicians are passionate about. Stay tuned for more updates To check ou the schedule for the last day events at the conference, get the DIYMusician App -

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