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Muzilog interview with Terretta Storm

Terretta Storm is one of today’s up and coming artist, singer and songwriter. Muzilog had the opportunity to chop it up with Terretta, so please take a moment and listen to how the conversation played out. A little about Terretta: Born in Chester, PA and now residing in Wilmington, DE, Terretta Storm always knew her purpose in life was to sing and perform on large stages in order to share her talents. Her music is influenced by her life experiences: the joys, the pains, the struggles, and the emotions of life. The sound of Terretta Storm is for all people searching for original music that touches their emotions. She perfectly blends rock, soul, pop, and hip-hop in a smooth and uncompromising sound. Her lyrics are honest and display truth sung from the heart. Terretta Storm has performed to audiences numbering in the thousands. With each performance, Terretta adds something special to the show. Her sound inspires others to be fearless and capable of anything.

Check out Terretta's music here.

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