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January 03, 2023

Nadira Norjahan is a Singer, Songwriter, Poet, co-editor of MUZILOG and editor of MUZILOG WOMAN.


Dear Everyone,


Before I begin this article I would like to announce that MEN ARE GREAT!
Now, in order to introduce Muzilog Woman, I thought it best to begin with a scholarly or literal sense of the word Woman as documented or defined by Webster, Oxford and ‘nem. What I found was quite laughable, incomplete and grossly inaccurate. Merriam Webster’s “simple” definition of a woman is 1. An adult female human being (duh), 2. A woman who has a specified job or position (huh?) 3. All women thought of as a group.

What in the frackanackle bull is this? I giggled and scrolled down the list (online of course) to take a gander at what the “full definition” would classify woman as. I mean, surely there would be a better description, right? Nope. Webster’s “full definition” of Woman is 1. (a) an adult female person; (b) a woman belonging to a particular category (as by birth, residence, membership, or occupation)… 2.Womankind; 3. Distinctively feminine nature: womanliness; 4. a woman who is a servant or personal attendant; 5. (a) chiefly dialect: wife (b) mistress (c) girlfriend…

I know. You are probably thinking what I was thinking, that this is some piled high cow dung! (That is, if you are a woman or are at all familiar with the fact that this is a dessert dry, so-called definition of woman with a slight color of sexism.) If a little girl were to rely upon the definition of whom she is to become once she becomes said woman, she would have nothing to look forward to other than being a female grown-up who is destined to be a servant, wife, mistress or girlfriend belonging to some group of female grown-up servants, wives, mistresses and girlfriends. I scrolled further down for the “examples of a woman” in sentence example and found this malarkey;

“She was a shy and akward girl who grew up to become a confident and beautiful woman.
She is a grown woman.

The store sells shoes for both men and women.
Do they have a cleaning woman?”


Really, though?
Ok. I can imagine the explanations from the minds of scholars that this is merely a simple online definition and it should only be considered as a brief reference. However, I took the time to look up the definition of Man on the same Merriam Webster’s dictionary website. While the same simple definitions explain Man to be a male human being, it goes further to explain Man as ‘a man or boy who shows the qualities (such as strength and courage) that men are traditionally supposed to have; a woman’s husband or boyfriend.

Excuse me? Ha, ha, ha and HA! Seriously. I am really laughing. You mean to tell me that the simple definition of a man describes this male human being as having the qualities of strength and courage but the woman is described in both the simple and full definition as being a female human being destined for servitude to the man and employer? The full version further defines the Man as 1. (c) a bipedal primate mammal (homo sapiens)…; 1 (d) one possessing in high degree the qualities considered distinctive of manhood; 1. (e) used as a mode of familiar address; 2. (b) the individual who can fulfill or who has been chosen to fulfill one’s requirements <she’s your man>…

Wait. She’s your what? I am really laughing. Yes, I know what it means but it is so ridiculously funny. She’s your man? Who came up with that nonsense? Anyway, this one cracked me up. Not because it is inaccurate but because no such elevated definition was included in the definition of woman. Under the full definition it reads 6. Christian Science: the compound idea of infinite Spirit: the spiritual image and likeness of God: the full representation of Mind.

Really? Well, I will gently skip that “infinite Spirit” reference as it would take me forever and one day to explain the Infinite Spirit of Woman which is often excluded or demoted in most religions. Maybe we can touch the topic in one of our Muzilog Woman magazine issues.Ok. I am done with the definitions. You can go and research for yourself now that you have been pointed in the right direction. Right? NOT! Looks like all you will find is the hailing definition of the great Man and the lack thereof of the Woman. Although I don’t consider myself to be a womanist (nor will I denounce womanism nor feminism) and I won’t say that it is ok because we are used to being discounted, what I will attempt to do with Muzilog Woman is set the record straight. How so? With my own and contributions from actual Women who will express their experiences through writing, art and testimonies here. Not only are we artistic creators, we are the ultimate creators because we are capable and often do carry a human being within our human being and push said human being out into this world from what the man finds to be his heaven!Yup. I said that!I could spend time in this introductory article trying to explain to those of you who don’t understand the woman to be defined far beyond Webster, Oxford and them’s definition. However, the truth is that it would be an impossible task. I mean, what am I to say? That without a woman’s sacrifice to carry though thirty-five to forty weeks of gestation of you or me, there would be no us? Am I to remind the men of the world that they can’t complete that task, no matter what nips and tucks or surgical feats they may attempt? Should I remind you here that the woman is persecuted and categorized as moody, impossible to deal with, bitchy, whiney, emotional, needy, catty, and frigid while being objectified when in fact she is outstanding, forgiving, resilient, patient, maternal, fraternal, loving and giving, to say the very least because there is no limit to her greatness? I will shout that on the rooftop because I am a Woman. I nor other great Women like myself will accept any watered down definition of who we are, the womanhood we have achieved, nor any reduced ideology that we are any definition less that who we have survived to be in a male dominated world.


I reiterate that MEN ARE GREAT! Where would we be without your strength, knowledge, kindness, patience, resilience, forgiveness, protection and love? We would live a pretty half-empty existence. So to keep things in balance, Muzilog Woman seeks to present the exclamation of the Woman and her right to exist by your side, not beneath your feet nor behind or in front of you. While I know for a fact that our anatomy is in specific design for specific purpose, I believe that we are to compliment, not to succeed one another. It is my hope as Editor in Chief (laughing again…a Lady Chief!) that you will hear our voice of femininity and embrace the gifts that we offer to this world.



Nadira Norjahan

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