Jazz Concert Intermission with Jazzist, Luke Carlos O'Reilly

The Music Education Series is kicked off with a Jazz intermission featuring Jazz Pianist, Luke Carlos O'Reilly. This performance took place at the Philadelphia Jazz Summit, November 3rd at University of the Arts. Guest features are trombonist, Ernest Stuart, and vocalist, Maya Belardo. Credits: Luke Carlos O’Reilly: Piano Ernest Stuart: Trombone [Guest Feature] Maya Belardo: Vocals [Guest Vocals] Recorded and mastered by Samsdigital.net Provided by Muzilog.com Education Series About Jazz Philadelphia Jazz Philadelphia’s mission is to advance the development of the city's thriving and vibrant local jazz scene and to gain recognition for Philadelphia as the world-class jazz destination it is.

Delaware Music Network & Muzilog Presents... Abe Todd

Abe Todd is a soul-influenced vocalist based in Delaware. He got involved with music and started performing from a very young age. Abe a derivative of his birth name, Abraham comes from a church-going musical family. He is a gifted producer, Songwriter, composer. Abe is the feature for Delaware’s Music Network open mic showcase for September 2019. The staff at Muzilog had the chance to converse with Abe. Please listen to the interview. You can find more information by checking out his social media @a.todd__ through Instagram, YouTube - Abraham Todd singer.

Delaware Music Network & Muzilog Presents “The Delaware Princess of Jazz” Maya Belardo

The band warms up with some typical jazz standards to get the room ready for the Star of the evening. General chatter blends in with the clicks and clacks of forks, spoons, and plates as patrons enjoy their evening out for some excellent food and live music. Unassumingly sitting at a table near the stage sits Jazz Royalty, dressed modestly, and looking quite younger than her twenty-one years of age. Usually sitting with her Daddy, Joe Belardo, who is likely her biggest fan (next to her mother, Kyma Belardo, of course), she appears to be nothing more than a patron herself. Oh, how looks can be deceiving! From the stage, the host announces the performer who will grace the stage. “Ladies and Ge

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