Gospel Artist, Linda Porter releases new single.

"Hear Me Roar," is the new single release by gospel artist, Linda Porter. The song is presently available at all digital downloading sites such as Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon and more. Muzilog's Sam Archer had a chance to chat with Linda about her experience about her new single. Check out the interview below. "Hear Me Roar," on Amazon.

B.Wize: Introduction of a Wize man.

With a late start in the genre B.Wize personifies truth from all shades of the color line. He took notes from Lupe Fiascos "The Cool" and "Friend of the People" while becoming a pupil of Detroit's icon Eminem. His influences also include Andre 3000, Nas, Jay-z and Tupac, which in their own respect speaks truth. "I rather my work be known for truth when I'm dead than be live popular fronting lies." Muzilog's Sam had a moment to talk with B.Wize, check out the following interview: Sam: Hello B.Wize, thanks for taking some time out of your busy schedule to chat with us at Muzilog.com How are you doing today? B. Wize: No problem at all, anytime I'm above 6 feet, I'm blessed. Sam: I’d love to sta

Reginald Reid & Leighton Kennedy presents, "The Reason."

This past October, Gospel Saxophonist, Leighton Kennedy and Producer/Keyboardist, Reginald Reid decided to team up and put together a project. A few weeks later with some faith and the will to complete the idea, "The Reason," became a reality. "The Reason," is the new Christmas EP from both musicians and it's now available at all digital downloading outlets such as Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Amazon and more. Both Leighton and Reginald had a moment to chat with Muzilog's Sam Archer about the experience. Listen to the interview below. For more information: Leighton Kennedy website: officialdewtimemusic.wixsite.com/mysite Reginald Reid website: reginaldreid.com Powered by Samsdigital

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